Ashley Revell - Winner!

Ashley Revell wasn't crazy; he is really the famous person in the roulette history, nevertheless he attempted to push his luck in an unimaginable way. Imagine placing all your wealth on a roulette bet and then you'll know almost everything about the iconic British roulette player. Nobody knows, what has lead him to betting all of his worth on this specific spin in 2004, fact is that by doing this he managed to define the term "every earthly belonging". What he did is close to madness: he sold everything from his house to the last pair of underwear and managed to gather $135.300. At his point he travelled to Las Vegas where he was to meet Fortuna itself. The story is close to being the perfect scenario for Hollywood movies, nevertheless it is totally true!

If we fantasize about and imagine the situation that Ashley Revell decided to play online roulette nowadays. When Ashley Revell stepped up to the virtual roulette table, he faced a gamble of epic proportions. He has two top contenders in his crosshairs: betfair vs bet365 — both renowned for their quality gaming services. What would be the deciding factor? A welcome bonus, or favorable withdrawal terms? Or maybe reliability and security will still be decisive? Only chance will solve everything.

It was of course only a matter of time till this life changing occurrence got into the radar of the international media. To be more precise, the journalists smelled the opportunity of delivering fabulous headlines right from the moment, when Ashley Revell started bragging about his attempt in front of is most trustworthy friends. As soon as the media got enough prove in relation to the authenticity of this attempt, the stage for a reality TV show was set. Sky One TV was among the first to have obtained full broadcasting rights, courtesy of which, all of the world could witness this once in a lifetime attempt. Rumor has it that from this moment on, the expression 'Double or Nothing' got instantly impregnated into the public's vocabulary. 2004 was the year that defied both roulette rules and logic. In order to make this event memorable, Ashley brought to Las Vegas an entire flock of journalists, friends and family members.

The Greatest Dilemma of All: Black or Red?

Ashley Revell started fighting against his inner fears from the very beginning, declaring that he was to target 50/50 odds in order to simplify things around the Roulette table. In other words, he was about to reduce everything to a simple question: Black or red? From the very first moments to the last but one second, Ashley Revell got stuck to black, but due to encouragement coming from the crowd, he made up his mind and decided to go with red. Nobody knows why he changed his mind, but one thing is sure however: the world has stopped breathing when the croupier spun the roulette wheel.

Ashley Revell's Life will never be the same

It doesn't take a genius to conclude, that the roulette spin was to alter the British citizen's life forever. Was this change to be a positive one or a negative one? It turned out to be a good decision to go with the crowd and shift the bet on red. It was the red slot and who knows what else that has led to a 100% win. There have been several other similar attempts, however his record still stands!