Don’t Get Caught Out By Runs

The first thing most people do when they sit down to play roulette online is look at the previous numbers at the table. Usually, the last ten numbers drawn in the game are displayed in a box for you to reference to.

This can affect how people play in the very next draw. If their usual numbers have come out recently, they may choose to go for different selections. This is done because they feel like they have missed out on an opportunity to be successful with their choices.

One of the most common examples of previous results having an impact on the way people bet is with red or black numbers. If there has been a consecutive run of either colour, some players believe there is a greater chance of the next draw breaking this trend. Their thinking is that over the long-term, the results of these two selections should even out.

What fans of online gambling fail to remember is that in roulette each draw is independent to anything that has gone before it. Each game spin is absolutely independent, so even if the winning number is of red color, it does not mean that it will be like that in the next spin. Still, in spite of the fact that roulette is random game, there are rather strickt odds of winning it.

Remember the following statement: the fixed betting odds never change. Even if the last five results were red, the probability of red being drawn next would be the same as black. This is why you should not get drawn into this trap.

Picking your individual numbers or outside bets from the previous results table is absolutely fine; it is as good as any selection process. However, it is important that you accept you are not gaining an edge by doing so. By increasing your stakes due to what has gone before you is a mistake and it could cost you if it all goes wrong.