Getting Started in Crypto Gambling

The best thing about online gambling is its continuous innovation. And with the explosion of dematerialization, the industry is betting everything on the next generation of currency: cryptocurrency. Yet, many gamblers are still struggling to switch to crypto gambling.

Bitcoin only appeared in 2009 and only became popular in 2011. Casinos and slot machines that accept bitcoin weren't even on the agenda back then. No wonder the word cryptocurrency was still only a vague term used by a certain elite.

As for Canadians, they were still digesting the withdrawal of PaysafeCard in most areas. Today, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (admittedly less influential but not to be ignored) are everywhere, even in online crypto casinos.

Some have specialized in crypto gambling, and in the lot, a few are more successful than others.

Paying in Crypto Currency

Understanding crypto gambling is not that complicated. It's similar to what you'd typically experience when making deposits with real currency such as the euro.

Playing and paying in cryptocurrency are done in almost the same way. So even if you've never deposited bitcoin or any other digital currency before, you won't be any more uncomfortable than if you were paying via e-wallet.

You need to have your bitcoin wallet or alternative but equivalent wallet in another cryptocurrency.

For convenience, we tend to summarize everything in bitcoin, but as we said just now, it is hard, to sum up, everything in this one digital currency, bitcoin. Ethereum, for example, is another virtual currency that carries much weight in this special financial market today.

Crypto Currency Deposit and Withdrawal: How it Works

The most important thing is to have a crypto wallet to convert money into digital currency.

There are countless of them today ready to exchange your money for cryptocurrencies. Even electronic payment methods such as Skrill or Neteller have come up to date and offer cryptocurrency exchange.

Then, you need to log in with your credentials to your online crypto account to make transactions.

As for deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency, it will always be pretty much the same: first of all, you will have to log in to the bitcoin casino in which you have a player account and follow the directions to make a crypto deposit.

Your online casino will then give you an address that consists of a long series of numbers and letters in upper and lower case. This encrypted and, therefore, private address identifies the "recipient" wallet, i.e., the account that will receive the digital money, in this case, the casino.

You must go to your cryptocurrency wallet and choose the option "withdraw" or "send money", depending on your wallet, and enter the casino's address. The request will process immediately, and your account will find.

Getting Paid in Crypto Currency: Alternatives to Bitcoin

Although each crypto casino is free to do as it pleases with online payments, it will have to adapt its offer to the demand if it wants to conquer the hearts of players. And especially players who are hungry for quick cash-outs!

While most casinos that accept cryptocurrency primarily allow bitcoin play, few offer full-fledged crypto gambling.

Fortunately, more and more online establishments can quickly validate a casino bitcoin win withdrawal online.

The first ones that also accept Ethereum and litecoin withdrawals will undoubtedly be the following best crypto casino sites!

Crypto gambling has shown us that, generally speaking, if a casino allows deposits to be made using cryptocurrencies, it is also possible to withdraw money in crypto form.

In addition, we have had the opportunity to see that most online platforms that accept cryptocurrencies are more flexible toward this kind of withdrawal.

Thus, sometimes the time limits are shorter, the minimum withdrawal is lower, or the maximum is higher. Not to mention the small bonuses and other extras offered when depositing in cryptocurrencies that have a way of making us love this kind of transaction!

Withdrawing from Cryptocurrency: Instructions for use

When withdrawing money, the reverse operation must be carried out, of course. Since the casino is now paying you, you, in turn, need to give the platform the address of your cryptocurrency wallet.

Since not all digital currencies have the same value, casinos logically tend to set different withdrawal minimums and maximums depending on the e-currency. For example, you can have withdrawals starting from 0.002 BTC, while if you go through Litecoin, the withdrawal can be from 0.20 LTC.

Proceeding with a withdrawal via cryptocurrency is, therefore, really simple, but this should not prevent you from sending the documents that the casino requests. Without these papers, don't expect your withdrawal to be processed!

The advantages of switching to Crypto Gambling

If more and more Canadian players are switching to crypto gambling, there's a good reason.

Generally speaking, we're loyal to our usual payment options, and we're not in the habit of changing. However, payment problems (extended when not refused) are not only persistent in the iGaming scene.

Repeated and increasingly consistent payment problems have become a daily reality. Players are faced with a real dilemma when making deposits and withdrawals.

As a result, instead of using their usual currency to deposit via credit card and to make a withdrawal request via bank transfer (which takes an average of ten days to collect), they exchange their money into cryptocurrency and start using a crypto wallet!

From there, there is some margin to sign the death warrant of the usual banking options on online casinos. That being said, the interest in crypto gambling is growing, and soon we will swear by it.

The Story of Taking the Fear Out of the Unknown

Many gamblers still don't practice bitcoin deposit and withdrawal. However, there is no logical advantage to doing so.

The first advantage of a player with a cryptocurrency wallet is that transactions are not fast: they are instantaneous.

Goodbye transfer, hello express withdrawals!

Indeed, this is especially true for withdrawals because deposits are fast in other currencies too. Not only is there a real improvement and considerably reduced waiting times, but we must say that to observe such fast withdrawals is a dream come true.

To understand how cryptocurrency withdrawals work, compare them to instant money transfers. The process is identical to that used by international cash transfer agencies.

The only difference is the use of encryption instead of the encrypted code given by the sender to the recipient.

Encryption is therefore used for the design of crypto wallet addresses. A crypto address comprises the series of letters and numbers we discussed earlier. They are completely anonymous and in no way provide any information about the account owner or the nature of the transaction.

Thus, your data cannot be more secure.

Stop Abuse, Return to Anonymity

Some online casinos are facing the untimely termination of specific deposit options. Most of the time, these pre-payment options disappear from circulation and come back as if by magic.

In the meantime, banking institutions have the annoying habit of registering every transaction while regularly increasing the bank transfer fees.

And while the best online casinos don't charge extra for bank withdrawals (for the most part, the only withdrawal option available), some don't hesitate to deduct a portion of your departure, justified by fees they would have to pay you.

With cryptocurrency, it's different: these fees are usually non-existent or significantly reduced.

In addition, this is already the case with payments in any currency to and from an e-wallet. This method allows you to maintain maximum anonymity, especially with your banking institution.

Your bank statement will not indicate that you have made a deposit at an online casino but simply that you have paid money into an e-wallet.

This money can then use for anything and everything, so your bank cannot know what you are doing with your money in detail.

The Burning Embers of Cryptocurrencies

It would be a lie to say that there are only advantages to playing with bitcoin, litecoin, or Ethereum. There are some disadvantages that need to be considered when switching to crypto gambling.

First of all, the number of cryptocurrency gambling platforms remains relatively low. It is essential to understand that cryptocurrency is still a relatively young technology.

Therefore, the best crypto casino sites with years of experience are not running around.

Apart from a few top players in the field, online gambling establishments that accept multiple cryptocurrencies are usually untranslated casinos. If you're not an English speaker, things get even worse because only a few bitcoin casino sites are currently available.

Finding the perfect establishment that offers to play, deposit, and get paid in several cryptocurrencies will not be easy.

Finally, one last point can be both an advantage and a disadvantage: the price of cryptocurrencies is unstable. That's why stablecoin, a currency that differs in price stability, was created.

Thus, it is possible to earn a nice amount of bitcoin and withdraw it immediately. If the price of your cryptocurrency falls or rises, it can be a game changer.

Fortunately, the arrival of long-term institutional investors, able to buy back when the price drops, has become a stability factor. So we can no longer talk about a currency of fear, but there is still a little way to go.

Two Main Types of Crypto Gambling

There are two prominent families of casinos that accept crypto gambling. On the one hand, we have hybrid casinos; on the other, the casinos are exclusively for cryptocurrencies.

The second category is becoming increasingly rare, and it's pretty logical: it's inconvenient. It is simply impossible if you want to vary between bitcoins and euros on this kind of "100% crypto" platform. We can understand the existence of these online casinos. In terms of currency management, only going through cryptocurrencies is much more straightforward.

Therefore, we tend to prefer hybrid casinos, i.e., those that leave the player free to choose between cryptocurrency or classic and "official" currencies.

Some internet platforms even allow you to alternate between the two or use several different cryptocurrencies, which will delight those who invest all over the place!

What is the best Crypto Casino 2022?

As always, we won't leave you hanging. In addition to our advice as knowledgeable players, we want to give you the benefit of our experience with crypto casino Canada. For this, we have an online platform to offer you, which will allow you to taste the pleasure of playing with cryptocurrencies, whatever they are.

This establishment is none other than CBet. It is a hybrid casino, allowing crypto gambling enthusiasts and those who prefer to play in a traditional way to find their account.

But the ultimate advantage for those who want to make their deposit in bitcoin is that there are bonuses for this kind of currency and they are exciting. They are even more lucrative than if you use euros.

Regarding promotional offers, Cbet offers three different first deposit bonus matches. It's pretty honest to give us a choice, no doubt about it. But if you play in bitcoins, it's much better as some bitcoin promos are on offer.

Now you know everything you need to know about crypto gambling, all you have to do is get started and take advantage of all these great opportunities!