Internet Roulette

internet roulette

Those, who claim that playing online roulette requires quite some patience and dedication while surfing the Internet, are nothing else but liars! Finding reliable Internet sites that promote this type of Roulette is as easy as finding your shoes in the shoebox. Once you have found the shoebox -the website in our case- you can feel free to choose depending on your taste. Some prefer free of charge games, while others would do anything in order to invest a small amount of money. In the same manner, some prefer widening their knowledge with the help of online guidelines, while others are looking forward to fine-tuning their skills on their own. Players are free to adopt any of these hypostases as long as they can experience the thrills of this national pastime. Speaking of which, it is the sheer excitement and the doubled amount of fun that makes gamblers stick to Roulette like bugs to flypaper.

Considerations about the Wheels

There are a lot of types of roulette game Mini-roulette and No Zero roulette. For those who are still not aware of the basics, one can distinguish between 2 types of wheels: the American and the European wheel. The difference between the two lies in the number of slots: the American features 37 slots and two additional green slots (0 and 00), while the European has only 36 slots and one 0. The simpler the wheel, the bigger the house edge and of course the winnings! No wonder that everybody favors the European version!

Layout of the Roulette Table

The surface of the Roulette table is divided into two separate areas: inside betting area and outside betting area. The columns, rows, black & red bet zones, high and low bet zones, odd and even bet zones are all encompassed on the outside betting area, while the 3 columns are positioned on the inside betting area.

Types of Bets and Payouts

  • Straight up bets became so popular because of the huge payout they trigger: 36 to 1 (American) and 35 to 1 (European) is a highly generous offer within these days!
  • Quad and Split bets offer lower payouts (17 to 1), but they still manage to stir enough attention within the crowd of Roulette enthusiast.
  • SIX Line bets and Street bets are considered as valid, when the player places the chips on rows. A lucky round can trigger as much as 11-to-1 payouts (Street bet) or in the worst case a 5-to-1 payout.
  • Column bets and dozen bets are known to be placed on three groups of numbers: 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 (dozen bets) or 13, 10, 7, 4, 1/14, 11, 8, 5, 2/ 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 (column bets).
  • Even money bets imply placing chips on areas specific for Red/Black, Low/High, Even /Odd bets. Regardless if you are a rookie or a professional, you had better be prepared for a 48.6% winning rate! Good luck!