No Zero Roulette

Considered as being a rookie in this genre, the No Zero Roulett became a strong favorite for all those who worshipped European, Mini-Roulette, American and French versions. One just cannot possibly compare the house edges of the latter ones with that of the No Zero Roulette! Those who aren't familiar with the percentages should be prepared for a huge surprise! What if we tell you that the house edge in this game ranges from 2.6% to 5.2%! Depending on your choice (European or American Roulette), the utmost rate can be even bigger! House edges are known to be designed to favor the casino; hence you can imagine the huge pile of money gathered by casinos in the long run, given these numbers. How much exactly isn't known, nevertheless if we are to compare the regular receipts of a casino with the payouts received by the crowd of players, one could easily spot the upper hand of the casino. Another good method of underlining the enormous profit is by comparing the number of losers and winners.

roulette without zero

Basics of No Zero Roulette

The world strives for perfection; however, this desire will never be obtained. Look at No Zero Roulette for example: no matter how generous the payouts, the game backfires at some stage. A £5 higher minimum stake can often discourage players and this wouldn't be the first drawback! Contrary to other versions, No Zero Roulette features low maximum wager limits, something that can hinder players from using progressive strategies similar to the Martingale strategy. There are two types of players who can fully understand the repercussions of such a restriction: firstly the ones who frequently apply this technique and secondly the ones who have a slightest idea about the implications of the Martingale strategy in the long run. Just for the record, this drawback forces players to abandon plan B and eliminate all the chances of covering losses.

Except for this minor detail, everything else in this game is designed to capture the player's attention; hence it is worth giving it a try!

Split Bets at No Zero Roulette

Split bets are very common around the roulette wheel, therefore the more one knows about this topic the better! Placing split wagers or split bets on and 00 pockets has absolutely no repercussion on the house edge. Split wagers are true catalysts, increasing the house edge up to 5.26% when applying them on 00 and 0. The same applies for bets placed on one number and outside bets.

Before coming to an end of this discussion, future players should know that No Zero Roulette Games can fine-tune dull skills that are so common at European, American or French Roulette. Our advice is to start placing juvenile bets at layouts with no zero and luck will soon start smiling down on you.After some period of practicing you will be able to work out your own roulette strategy.