Roulette and slot machines


 Introduction to Roulette and attractive as well as interactive slot machines


The important game played in casino by many people is Roulette. In live roulette, players play on a spinning wheel that revolves in one direction and a ball is thrown on the wheel from another direction of its revolution. The ball as well as wheels is moving continuously and independently but after some time, balls comes to in a position of rest, and it stops on any one number out of 36 numbers that are plotted on a wheel. You can win only when your number on which you bet matches the number where the ball stopped on a wheel. It’s fascinating or hypnotizes to watch, that wheel and ball are moving in anti-clockwise directions to each other. Due to this reason, this game is showing in many advertisements of casinos.


All the slots of numbers in a wheel are either red or black but sometimes, 0 slot on a wheel is having green color. This game is based on probability as well as on chance or luck because one has to choose a number before throwing a ball on a spinning wheel. One can choose either inside bet in which a player can bet on any one of the six numbers in the single wager, while outside bet is that a person can bet on any one number out of twelve to eighteen numbers in a single wager and if his prediction comes true, then he will have a chance to win big amounts. A player can continue betting until the dealer announces that no more betting can be done now.


So as it is stated above that it is a game of luck so one cannot completely guess that where the ball will stop. Sometime players bet very much high by keeping hope of winning a big amount but there is a 50-50 chance of either winning or losing. The results are no doubt random but still many people play it for fun and excitement. To win the game, one should have a good estimation and prediction skill so that he can win the current round. A player can also bet on such number that is made by a combination of numbers.


One can bet on any number or even a number between some small range, betting on any color or betting on even or odd so it is very simple to play and is easy to understand.

Now next concept is of slot machine in which there are many animations, bright colored lights in the background as well as playing music makes a wonderful combination. It is also a part of gambling and is very much easy to play. Here one has to choose coins or bank notes which may range from even a penny to hundred dollars but one has to insert it a machine and then a handle is needed to be moved for rotary motion and then sit in silence to watch the remaining process.


There are also many bonus games on new slot machines on which a person can show his gambling experience to win exciting gifts.