Roulette Betting

There are many different important aspects while learning roulette the rules and peculiarities of roulette game one of which is definitely roulette bets. Look through information on the most common bets and make your own decision on the most profitable.bets on roulette

The Internal Bet

It is placed on the internal side of the roulette table. A minimum bet is required from the players. For example, a minimum of five $, means placing one $ wagers on different numbers (a total of five$ in wagers), or placing five $ on one chosen number.

Classic Wager

It is a straight gambling: foreseeing the following number. It is a favorite and also feared bet, because its payout is thirty- five -one. Ten $ can turn into tree hundred and fifty $ in a glimpse of an eye, or into nothing. The odds are high, if not the worst ever.

The Split Wager

It means placing the chip on the line that separates 2 numbers. In case one of the numbers hits, the payout is seventeen to one. For instance, a ten dollar bet can reward you with 170 dollars, if either of your two chosen numbers hits.

Street Wager alias Stream Bet

In this case, you have to bet that from three numbers, one will hit. The payout is eleven to one. With a 10 dollar bet, you can win 110 dollars, if from the range 13 to 15 you have gambled on the number hitting the wheel.

Square Gamble

It is a four number wager. Similarly to the previous gamble, one of four numbers has to hit. The payout is eight to one. If you bet four dollars on the numbers from 22 to 25, and the ball hits any of them, you win 32 dollars.

Five-Number Wager

It only applies to the American roulette layout. It means that one of the five chosen numbers has to hit zero, double zero, one, two or three. The payout is six to one. A betting of six dollars can make you richer with 36 dollars, in case any of the numbers hits. Experts consider it an avoidable bet, due to its poorness.

Outside Wagers

They are placed outside the internal field, positioned in the proximity of the players. You can bet on Red or on Black.

Betting on Red

It means hoping that the ball hits a red number. The payout is one to one. A bet of ten dollars can give you back this sum plus ten dollars with winnings.

Betting on Black

As before, you bet on the ball to hit a black number. The payout is still one to one.

Betting on Odd

In this case you have to hope that an odd number will be hit on. The payout is one to one. Placing 25 dollars on an odd number that ends up to be hit, you will get another 25 dollars and the initial wager back.

Betting on Even

It is quite opposed to the previous bet. You have to bet on an even number. The payout is again one to one. Departing from an even sum, you will get an even win.

High Wager

Now, your goal is that one of the numbers nineteen to thirty six be hit. The payout is an even sum or one to one.

Low Wager

You gamble on one of the numbers from one to eighteen that has to land on the wheel. The payout is an even sum. From 100 dollars bet you can get another hundred and also the initial 100 dollars, in case any of the mentioned numbers hits.

Dozen Wager

You wager that one of the numbers constituting a dozen set will hit. There are three dozen sets: one to twelve, three to twenty four and twenty five to thirty six. The payout is two to one. 20 dollars put on the first dozen will bring you 40 dollars and also the initial 20 dollars back, if for example the number 7 hits.

Moreover, if you want to be a professional in roulette game playing, you are welcomed to acquaint yourself with the French bets.