Roulette History

"All the evidence shows that God was actually quite a gambler, and the universe is a great casino, where dice are thrown, and roulette wheels spin on every occasion" Stephen Wright

roulette with chips

There are a lot of contradictions about the history of roulette game. But in spite of the fact some historians say that the first roulette wheel was invented in the Europe in the early17th century. First wheel games which were similar to roulette game were played in Paris. That is why "roulette" means the "little wheel" in French. This game was invented by the great mathematician Blaise Pascal. Roulette game of those times had almost the same roulette rules and main characteristics as modern game. But there was one distinction the single zero was painted in red color while the double zero was painted in black color. The use of double zero was saved in American that is why roulette game with "00" is called American Roulette.

Online Roulette Game History

Online roulette game was firstly introduced to the world in the early 1990s. Undoubtedly, with the development of the technical possibilities this game became accessible online. Really, it is more convenient to play it without going out of your home and spending your invaluable time. Moreover, if you have no possibility to go to Las Vegas or some land based gambling house you are welcomed to play online roulette game, everything that you need is your computer and the internet connection. Absolutely, you will be impressed with the game graphics and its sounds.

You see, that roulette game was and will be popular everywhere in the world. This is a game of chance and pure luck. If you are the beginner you are highly recommended to play online roulette in order to gain valuable game experience and become a serious competitor. Moreover, before game you need to acquaint yourself with the main rules, type of roulette tables, cheating methods, basic strategies such as Martingale and D'Alembert betting system and other roulette basics. You can visit some roulette forums where you can find a lot of useful information.

So, don't waste your time you are welcomed to play this fabulous and great game. Wish you luck and remember nothing venture nothing have! Maybe you will be another Ashley Revell!