Which online casino games are the most popular?

The advancements in online technology over recent years means the live experience in online casinos is becoming increasingly popular as gamers drop the video simulations and head towards a real life hall.

Instead of playing sticky, two-dimensional games on a huge desktop PC a decade ago, the majority of gamers now quickly log online and head straight to a live TV link to real casinos where a croupier is on hand to take your bets on world famous game tables.

Certainly the most popular live online casino game is blackjack, which gains notoriety because of its simplicity. Everyone’s played pontoon as a child and tried to make 21 from a handful of cards and this is exactly the same idea in blackjack.

The beauty of live blackjack is you see the dealer distribute the cards. There’s no computerised algorithms going on here; you are effectively at the Vegas casino table without leaving your living room.

Live Betfair Roulette is also growing in popularity because the immersive experience adds some genuine reality compared to its 2D counterpart. Again, a croupier is on hand to take your bets and play the game, spinning the wheel every minute or so. You have the choice of selecting simple 50/50 bets, rows, columns and even combinations such as Orphelins and Le tiers du cylindre if you want to play like a professional.

Baccarat is starting to grow in popularity but suffers from not being popularised in movies or game shows. The idea is to beat the dealer with a hand that has a combined value of eight or nine. It can be quite tricky to get the hang of but is well worth playing to see if you like it.

Certainly baccarat is the least popular of the live online casino games but that isn’t to say it cannot pay out a significant sum of money if played well.

The live experience is certainly a contributing factor to which games attract players and which don’t, but if you’re undecided the best thing to do is just try out a few for yourself.